KANDY: The Great Heritage City

Kandy, more popularly known as the hill capital of Sri Lanka, is an attractive tourist destination. Its history dates back to the 15th century, when it was the last royal capital of the country. The city is 115km from Colombo and is the second biggest city in Sri Lanka. Kandy has a n abundance of culture around it; the Temple of the Tooth being the most popular attraction. The center of the city is situated in a valley which is elevated at 600m above sea level. Kandy Lake is an artificial creation by one of the past rulers and today, it is a scenic Centre piece of the town.

The best places to visit in Kandy would be Pinnawela elephant orphanage, Kandy lake, Hulu river waterfall, knuckles mountain range, Bahirawa kanda temple, Royal botanical garden as well as Udawattakele sanctuary.

A lesser known attraction in Kandy is the "Sardiel Village" which is called the Sherwood of Sri Lanka which was home to Sri Lanka's Robinhood = Sardiel.

The city is also, home to an international cricket stadium, Kandy brings in thousands of cricket fans. Sports, religion, history and culture, Kandy has it all! A Day tour of Kandy should not be missed out on your tour of Sri Lanka

The city and the region has been known by many different names and versions of those names. Some scholars suggest that the original name of Kandy was Katubulu Nuwara located near present Watapuluwa. However, the more popular historical name is Senkadagala or Senkadagalapura, officially Senkadagala Siriwardhana Maha Nuwara (meaning 'great city of Senkadagala of growing resplendence'), generally shortened to 'Maha Nuwara'. According to folklore, this name originated from one of the several possible sources. One being the city was named after a brahmin with the name Senkanda who lived in a cave nearby, and another being a queen of Vikramabahu 3 was named Senkanda, and after a colored stone named Senkadagala. The Kingdom of Kandy has also been known by various names. The English name Kandy, which originated during the colonial era, is derived from an anglicized version of the Sinhala Kanda Uda Rata (meaning the land on the mountain) or Kanda Uda Pas Rata (the five counties/countries on the mountain). The Portuguese shortened this to "Candia", using the name for both the kingdom and its capital. In Sinhala, Kandy is called Maha Nuwara, meaning "Great City" or "Capital", although this is most often shortened to Nuwara.

Some of the best 5* standard Hotels in Kandy would be: The Earl's Regency, Golden Crown, Amaya Hillsa and Mahaweli Reach Hotel while some of the popular 4 star Hotels would be : Hotel Topaz, Thilanka Hotel, OZO Kandy and the Cinnamon Citadel.

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