BENTOTA : Golden Sand Beaches

Bentota is a coastal town in Sri Lanka, located in the Galle district of the Southern province governed by an urban council. It is approximately 65 kilometers (40 mi) south of Colombo and 56 kilometers (35 mi) north of Galle. Bentota is situated on the southern bank of the Bentota River mouth, at an elevation of 3 meters (9.8 ft) above the sea level. The name of the town is derived from a mythical story which claims a demon named 'Bem' ruled the tota or river bank.

where it becomes a sandy strip known as Paradise Island, parallel to Bentota Lagoon. Coral-rich dive sites include Canoe Rock. On Bentota River, centuries-old Galapota Temple has a large Buddha statue. Southeast is Lunuganga, the estate and gardens of architect Geoffrey Bawah. Northeast is his brother Bevis's Brief Garden.

Located on the west coast of the island country of Sri Lanka, Bentota is one of the major tourist destinations in the region. Placed at the mouth of the River Bentota and the Indian Ocean to the west, Bentota is very humid. The temperatures though remain somewhat constant in the region, at around 27 C to 30 C given the temperate climate. The weather in Bentota is quite similar to other major coastal destinations in the south-west region of the country like Colombo and Galle. There are two monsoon seasons and inter-monsoon seasons. While the region receives rainfall for most of the year, there are a couple of dry months that allow visitors to experience the magic of this coastal town. While December to April is considered the dry season, this becomes the best time to visit Bentota.

Bentota, a mere 2 hours away from Colombo and hails as a premier resort town with no less than 15 Star class Hotels clustered together plus numerous other less than 10 rooms boutique style hotels with Sun, surf and sand. This gives the visitor an ideal chance to stay in one and savor many different above water activities, Bentota has always been renowned as the water sport capital of Sri Lanka with the hoteliers in the area actively promoting water sports from adrenaline filled speed boat and jet ski riding, wind surfing, boogie boarding, water skiing, kite surfing, to a leisurely ride on a banana boat for the family & kids.