About Us

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Travelution is a Travel company that operates and specializes in crafting unique and diverse tours,itineraries, and travel experiences which meets the needs of today’s traveler.

We operate an array of specialized tour products such as:

  • Personalized Individual & Family Tours
  • Personalized Group Tours
  • Tour / Activity Expeiences & Eco Tours
  • Beauty & Ayurveda Tours
  • Cultural & Spiritual Tours
  • Business & Official Tours
  • Educational & Sports Tours

One of our Key Product is also, the personally designed UNIQUE SRI LANKAN EXPERIENCE tours which we provide, These experiences focuses on building Social and Economic opportunities for locals in key tourist regions/destinations, through connecting them with travel and tourism. You can experience traditional and real Sri Lankan Culture.

We definitely can plan something which will be within your budget – focusing on your interests and make it absolutely personalized.

Our Mission: To provide travellers with the most unique, individual and group personalized tours. While helping the local communities in these travel destinations to gain social and economic benefits – through building a Sustainable Business Model for Travel and Tourism.

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